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What driving license do I need?
It is valid for a current motor or motorcycle license issued in any country.
What do I need to rent a golf cart?
Driver's license issued in any country, and a credit card to make a guarantee.
What is a tourist day?
Renting after 8 in the morning and returning from 9 at night.
Why rent a golf cart?
To make a fun tour and know the whole city to your liking.
What happens if the cart is broken or pricked and I can not continue with the ride?
Call us or send us whatsapp and we will go to the place where you are to solve the problem.
Is the fuel paid separately?
No, for both naphtha and electric cars, energy is included.
If it rains do they have some form of protection?
Yes, we have enclosures for all cases, and even a closed car with doors and windows.
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